EnFinCap – Entrepreneurship and financial capacity building for women micro entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness sectors

There are 92% of small businesses out of all companies in Europe. The European Commission’s report “Gender Smart financing with women, opportunities for Europe” explains that women are no longer beneficiaries of social transfers but are becoming a driving force in a sustainable business ecosystem. Training of women entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship and finance actually makes a difference as it allows understanding the principles of entrepreneurship, risk management, saving in times of crisis, avoiding unmanageable debt and taking care of proper business operation, personal financial security and financial security of the company.

The goal of EnFinCap is to empower women (independent) micro-entrepreneurs with competencies, knowledge and self-confidence to take responsibility for their lives, create a secure future for themselves and their families as well as succeed in long-term business opportunities.

+ more on the project website: https://enfincap.eu/