EVOLVE – Innovative Training Toolbox to Foster EU’s Industry 5.0 Evolution

The industry is the single biggest contributor to the European economy, providing jobs and prosperity across the continent. The concept of Industry 5.0 provides a different focus and highlights the importance of research and innovation to support the industry in its long-term service to humanity within planetary boundaries. Industry 5.0 recognizes the power of industry to achieve societal goals beyond jobs and growth to become a resilient provider of prosperity, by making production respect the boundaries of our planet and placing the wellbeing of the industry worker at the centre of the production process.

Thus, a wave of change in the industry will have ripple effects that reach far beyond the technological change on the factory floor. A transformed industry will have a transformative impact on society as well. The Innovative Training Toolbox to Foster EU’s Industry 5.0 Evolution project results can be exploited by the VET trainers and organizations in order to support both industry employers/managers and industry workers in developing all necessary skills and competences that will enable the European industry’s transition to Industry 5.0.

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