LINKS – Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of Youth Workers

On an individual level, digital sovereignty demonstrates the capacity of individuals to own their personal data and control its use. Personal data is the new crude asset for which a complex ecosystem has been established to collect, analyze and trade its value. However, the data economy along with the ongoing digital transformation rises several major concerns: the majority of the data empowering the innovative services offered within the data economy are a person and/or of a sensitive nature; the risk of discrimination as a result of data processing and the risk of undermining the foundations of democracy; security concerns caused by increased cyber threats and that is closely linked to privacy and data protection issues.

Due to the very nature of their work, youth workers have access and/or process data and sensitive personal information such as medical details, emergency contact names, numbers for health administration, etc. Therefore, project WIN is supporting youth workers in becoming sovereign of their digital data and serves a two-fold purpose:

  1. On an individual level, youth workers will improve and enhance their knowledge and the available tools that will help them control and evaluate the use of their and others’ personal digital data and history.
  2. On a societal level and through the increased digital sovereignty of youth workers, digital data of organisations, NGOs and of various groups that are supported by these organisations (migrants, refugees, unemployed youth, etc.) will be well protected and ensured against misuse and/or cyber-attacks.

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