RESPO-VI – Development of an expert support system for competency assessment in higher education

The project aims to use a decision support system (DSS) to monitor the development of STEM students’ competencies during formal and non-formal education, which they need to transition to 21st-century society. Our focus is on developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help students acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for shaping solutions in technology-driven economies.

The partner consortium will be creating the results over 5 work packages:

  • (WP1) MANAGEMENT – Project management covers the overall management of the project, including reporting, organisation, financial administration and evaluation within time and budget constraints at the highest quality level.
  • (WP2) WEB APPLICATION RESPO-VI – Developing and establishing a DSS as a web application RESPO-VI and adapting the competency model to the needs of students, HE programs and companies by the 21st-century competencies.
  • (WP3) TRAINING FOR THE USE OF RESPO-VI APPLICATION – Development and execution of training for multipliers to validate the application. The project aims to increase the participation of STEM students in non-formal training programmes to acquire new competencies to meet labour market needs, increase employability and mobility, and enhance personal development and performance in modern society.
  • (WP4) VALIDATION OF RESPO-VI APPLICATIONS – As part of the project approach, we will also develop and deliver training for multipliers and HE teachers to ensure that they are competent to use and validate the developed application as a decision support system in HE. For this purpose, we will first carry out a needs and skills analysis of HE teachers to integrate such decision support systems in the teaching and mentoring process at the participating HE institutions.
  • (WP5) COMMUNICATION – An informative brochure will be produced for target groups to influence the attitudes of STEM students and HE staff towards developing competencies needed for Society 5.0 and Industry 4.0 and to raise awareness and improve knowledge on the use of expert decision support systems in HE education processes.

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