DiSCVET – Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of VET teachers and trainers 

Digital sovereignty is a new concept in the digital era, suggesting that parties should have sovereignty over their own digital data. During the initial planning phases of this project and application, a detailed need analysis supported the fact that there is currently no single digital sovereignty and security competence framework for Europe. And this is exactly where DiSCVET project steps in aiming to develop a new innovative form of training content along with an online simulation platform that will empower VET teachers/trainers throughout Europe to develop and enhance their digital sovereignty and digital security skills as well as to enrich their portfolio with relevant training materials for teaching others on digital security topics. Moreover, through the improvement of the VET teachers/trainers’ skills, the enhancement of VET organizations’ capacity for providing safer and more responsible digital education.

+ more on the project website: http://discvet.eu/