WIN – Introducing the job profile of the Workplace Innovation Manager 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, even companies that used to be “digitally lazy” will now have to step up their digital capacity (video conferencing, document sharing, cloud solutions, etc.). Leaders who have shied away from allowing people to work from home will notice that some are getting more productive if they can work in their own environments. Workplace innovation brings on increased productivity and positive economic results. Businesses and enterprises play the most significant role in adapting and promoting workplace innovation. It can be achieved by supporting business owners and managers to develop their competencies and use them in their human resources management.

WIN project will directly address the needs and challenges that companies, SMEs and organizations face in their efforts to manage and promote workplace innovation by introducing the professional profile of the Workplace Innovation Manager. The manager will be able to spread concepts on ideas management, design thinking and innovation capabilities throughout the organization by developing the relevant competency framework through a specialized curriculum and training material.

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