ECO-CIRCLE – Circular Economy as a tool to develop an Innovative eco-inclusive social entrepreneurship educational pattern for youth

Project aims at becoming a European new educational benchmark within the Circular Economy sector for youth, by creating a solid link and opportunities within the Social Entrepreneurship field, by promoting and enhancing socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable innovation through community learning and national and transnational collaboration.

Partner consortium will be creating three main project results:

‒       (PR1) Framework of Competences for Circular Economy, customized for Youth, Digital Youth Workers, Social Entrepreneurs and Educators focusing on the necessary set of knowledge, skills and attitudes, needed to navigate successfully the Circular Economy;

‒       (PR2) an interactive and cutting-edge Online Course for youth, youth workers and educators to enhance their social entrepreneurship potential within the Circular Economy, capable to boost the needed skills for an eco-inclusive entrepreneurship;

‒       (PR3) an educational e-game (app), with the aim of engaging, connecting, and empowering youth, youth workers, educators and social entrepreneurs, while learning about global and international development issues, with focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus becoming active and global citizens.

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