Together for Dialogue
The main aim of the project is to increase the quality of civic participation and dialogue between young people and decision-makers by developing and applying innovative methodology and tools for assessing the situation and implementing individualized forms of support focusing on the development of key competencies.

The project consortium will be creating three main project results:
(PR1) Competence Assessment
Assessment of the level of competencies of young people in terms of civic involvement – it will be a tool that is a competence structure (map) in the form of a matrix, allowing for assessing the level of the relevant key competency in relation to a specific form of civic activity on a four-level scale.
(PR2) Online Guidebook
A publication containing methodological preparation for the use of individual forms of civic activity, as well as a collection of methods that can be used in these processes. Additionally, these methods will be sorted (assessed) in terms of their complexity, which will be a reference to the IO1 result. The publication will be accompanied by an interactive presentation of the application of selected methods and tools.
(PR3) Supporting materials
A set of digital resources supporting the process of acquiring competencies:
– An educational game to improve awareness of key competencies.
– A set of training courses prepared for the development of specific competencies (E-Learning + webinars).
– Instagram stories and Tiktoks present various forms of civic activity.
– Additional elements, e.g. challenges, competitions, etc.

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