The ESG4SMEs project aims to address the transition of rural SMEs towards a sustainable economy by developing the ESG Manager job profile. This initiative involves conducting a needs analysis and establishing a key competencies framework to create a specialized curriculum. The project’s objectives include supporting professional development for rural SMEs, enhancing skills for VET learners, and establishing a certification process for the ESG Manager, with recognition at the EU level.
Implementation activities will include project management, monitoring, evaluation, quality control, and dissemination efforts. Additionally, Multiplier Events and Transnational Project Meetings will be organized in partner countries to ensure successful implementation of the project’s Work Packages.
Expected project results include the development of the ESG Manager profile and curriculum, designing and piloting a VET training course, creating simulation games to enhance competencies, and developing a Policy Handbook promoting ESG practices and advocating for the ESG Manager profile at the EU level.

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