YOU HEAL – Fostering mindfulness and strengthening youth mental health capacity in the post-Covid time recovery

OECD (2021) reports that the Covid‐19 crisis has significantly impacted young people’s mental health. The effects of quarantine alone have caused many to feel isolated, lost, and scared. Consequently, many individuals’ mental health within every age group has taken an extreme toll. Even with the partial re-opening of the economy, the prevalence of symptoms of anxiety and depression in the youth population remains higher than pre‐crisis levels. The worsening of mental health can also be attributed to disruptions to access to mental health services.
YOU HEAL project aims to achieve better mental well-being and end the stigmatisation of mental health issues, thus promoting the social inclusion of all young people. The project also addresses digital transformation through developing digital readiness, resilience and capacity. It also promotes active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative, and social entrepreneurship. The project targets those priorities holistically by promoting young people’s mental health and, consequentially, their sense of initiative by strengthening their soft skills.

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