The DIY project aims to teach young people the skills of independent product creation and the basics
of entrepreneurship. Through a combination of e-lectures, hands-on projects, and case studies on
self-made products, the project empowers young individuals to start their own DIY projects or
businesses, with a strong focus on sustainability and extending the lifespan of products.
The project is organized in various stages to achieve the most efficient outcome. This is
accomplished through various meetings to ensure effective preparation for the young participants
this project supports. The prepared video and textual materials will not only benefit the youth but
will also be helpful for teachers, entrepreneurs, and various companies in understanding the concept
of green entrepreneurship.
What is particularly interesting is that the target group of this project will have the opportunity for
practical exercises and workshops, where they can apply their skills and develop a product, gaining
insight into how entrepreneurs think. Additionally, several mobilities are planned, including trips for
young people to Italy (Cori), Slovenia (Maribor), and staff training in Greece.

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