EYES for Climate – Enhancing Youth Engagement Skills for Climate Actions
The main objective of EYES is to encourage people to participate as active agents in the climate change mitigation process in urban areas that are marginalized or suburban, to promote a transition from a simple awareness of climate change to active involvement.
Other objectives of the project are:
– to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of the partner organization in the field of youth engagement in marginalized areas and in the suburbs.
– to increase youth knowledge and skills in the area of climate change effects in urban regions by establishing a framework for pilot training and environmental topics relating to climate changes in marginalized areas of urban areas,
–  to promote the development of innovative neighborhoods in response to the climate change effects.


Activities of the project:
– Training format: Methodology and Framework for Youth Engagement in Urban  Marginalized Area
– Training format on the job: EYES pilot test
– EYES Urban labs: testing the competence acquired and engaging young people in facing climate change
–  EYES demonstrative environmental actions
– Networking and EYES scale up
– EYES dissemination and communication actions
– Project management, monitoring and quality control
Long-term benefits:
The Eyes project aims to foster a generation of environmentally conscious and active citizens, capable of leading sustainable initiatives and influencing policy at local and global levels. The project seeks to create a lasting impact by instilling sustainable values and practices in young people, who will carry these forward into their communities and future endeavors.
+more on the project website: https://eyesyouthclimateproject.eu/