YOU SMILE – YOUth led Sustainable tourisM In ruraL arEas

YOU SMILE main objective is to empower youth in their quest for sustainable and financially stable micro and small entrepreneurship in the field of tourism services in rural areas. Specifically, to increase interested youth and youth entrepreneurs’ capacities in sustainable practices, finance, and entrepreneurship. Informal education and awareness-raising in the mentioned fields are crucial for the success of structural changes in sustainable tourism.
Work Package activities:
1. Project management: This package focuses on the project’s overall administration, coordination, and management.
2. YOU SMILE dissemination and communication: This package aims to raise awareness about the project’s objectives and outcomes, engage stakeholders, and promote the project’s findings to a broader audience.
3. YOU SMILE living labs for sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship, and finance co-creation activities: This package involves the development and implementation of living labs. These labs serve as interactive platforms where participants can experiment with developing sustainable tourism entrepreneurship and financial strategies, e-learning materials, and ideas.
4. YOU SMILE co-creative e-course with micro-credentials: This work package focuses on the creation of e-learning material. It aims to improve educational content in a flexible and accessible format, enabling learners to gain knowledge and skills in sustainable tourism and entrepreneurship.
5. Stakeholders engagement, testing, learning, and training activities: This package aims to gather feedback, enhance the learning experience, and ensure the practical application of the project’s outcomes.
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